Cycle Clue

WHAT IF.....

you could finally eliminate the question mark that lingers during intimacy & reliably avoid pregnancy without hormonal birth control or condoms?

  • Who this Course is for

    Cycle Clue is a basic Fertility Awareness Course that is best for women who recently stopped taking hormonal birth control and/or looking for a reliable way to avoid pregnancy naturally.

  • The Difference

    Within Cycle Clue, we're committed to providing unparalleled levels of support with live coaching sessions and unlimited daily support. We are 100% results-driven with customized coaching & lifetime access to the material.

  • Fertility Awareness

    Cycle Clue prepares you to chart cervical mucus, LH testing & basal body temperature for three layers of confidence in identifying ovulation. We provide the deep science & evidence-based rationale behind what's going on with your menstrual cycle so you truly know WHY you're charting... from now until menopause.

Meet Your Instructor

Owner at Fertility Awareness Path, LLC

Mary Nordahl

Mary Nordahl is a Certified Fertility Awareness Instructor with Fertility Education & Medical Management (FEMM). Coupled with her Bachelor's in Clinical Psychology & Master's in Organizational Leadership, her mission is focused on helping YOU take back control of your health & fertility, naturally.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WEEK ONE: Intro + Foundations

    • 1.1 - Welcome to Cycle Clue

    • 1.2 - Detective Field Guide

    • 1.3 - Anatomy

    • 1.4 - Ovulation

    • FEMM App Tour

    • Cycle Clue Feedback Form

  • 2

    WEEK TWO: Charting 101

    • 2.1 - Charting 101

    • Paper Chart: Download & Print

    • 2.2 - Cervical Mucus Workshop

    • 2.3 - Supplemental Info

    • Charting Guidlines PDF

    • Cervical Mucus + Charting Quiz

  • 3

    WEEK THREE: Let's Play Clue!

    • 3.1 - Mission: Ovulation

    • 3.2 - Cycle Concepts

    • 3.3 - Cycle Variability

    • Handout - PMS & Hormonal Insufficiency

    • Quiz - Ovulation

    • Zoom Call: Scheduling Link

  • 4

    WEEK FOUR: Hunting for Clues

    • 4.1 - LH Testing

    • 4.2 - BBT Supplemental Training

    • Handout - BBT

    • Worksheet - Fertile Window

    • Cycle Clue Feedback Form

  • 5

    WEEK FIVE: Natural Birth Control

    • Game - Myth vs. Fact!

    • 5.1 - Natural Birth Control

    • Worksheet - Natural Birth Control

    • Handout - Partner Resources

    • Handout - Postpartum (Optional)

  • 6

    WEEK SIX: Cycle Syncing

    • 6.1 - Hormonal Harmony

    • 6.2 - Time Management + Hormones

    • 6.3 - Food + Hormones

    • 6.4 - Exercise + Hormones

    • Final Thoughts

    • Cycle Syncing Guide

    • Medical Management Guidelines

    • Zoom Call: Scheduling Link

  • 7

    Final Exam

    • Final Exam (multiple choice)

    • Final Exam (open ended)

  • 8

    Bonus Folder

    • Supplemental Info

    • COMING SOON: Cervical Position Training


Now I Understand my Cycle!

Jenna B.

I was aware of it but unable to track and connect to it. Now I feel as though I UNDERSTAND my cycle and have a connection to it! The biggest mindset shift that I've implemented is honoring my body in the cycles that it is in. Rather than feeling like I have to push through when I am menstruating, honoring that it is a time of rest for me. And shifting my productive time to when I am ovulating.

The Answers are Here!

Karlien C.

My lifelong question of "surely there has to be something better, something more to this (periods)??" is being answered on so many more levels and in so many more ways than I dared dream.

My Fears & Nervousness Just Washed Away

Stephany L

Listening to your confident voice, telling myself I am ready for this makes my heart beat with joy. I am excited for this new journey that I am going to dive deep. Thank you Mary!

Biggest Takeaway: Confidence

Jamie D.

You're always there when I have questions! I feel so confident - the materials made me feel so excited to start trying out these new methods. I love learning so much about my body and how to chart!

The type of course that will stick with me until the day I die.

Haley B.

I want you to know that I hate taking classes. I dropped out of every single one I've ever taken. This class was so informational but it was presented at a speed that I could grasp. You were very patient as a teacher and I appreciate the time you spent teaching me things I never knew. As a woman, I would recommend your class to anyone. Although the information we were covering could be a bit awkward, it never felt that way. You have helped normalize my body and its workings in my mind which has in turn given me a lot of confidence.

Wisdom I will never forget

Lora Z.

I thank you for allowing me to be your student & taking the time to teach me. It's so so deeply appreciated & it is wisdom I will never forget. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me to be your student <3


Interested in learning Fertility Awareness, but not sure if Cycle Clue is the right fit?

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